About us

BetoFormos is the casting and production of concrete landscape architectural elements of various shapes and sizes used in environmental management. In developing and implementing concrete casting projects of various complexity and applications, we cooperate closely with landscape architects, so our products always harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment and are functional.

The casting of concrete-formed products is carried out directly at the site of construction. The technology does not require long and complex preparation, it is only necessary to install a suitable base in the place where you want to cast concrete products. It is also possible to carry out works on existing hard coatings (pavers, asphalt). The uniqueness of the technology we present is the production of not only straight but also curved concrete walls, benches, paths, planters and various delimitations (curbs). Works are carried out much faster than concreting in the usual way, and thanks to the special concrete mix and flexible internal reinforcement used in most products, our cast products become robust and durable.

The variety of applications of BetoFormos castings is really wide:

  • Benches, plank-beds;
  • Walls for slope formations, separations for parcel over-elevations, wall ramps;
  • Amphitheatres, podiums;
  • Various forms of planters, delimitations for flower beds and rock gardens;
  • Bicycle parking and storage products;
  • Framing of outdoor sports and children’s playgrounds and their elements;
  • Framing of asphalt, paving, stone crushing coatings with curbs and edgings of different sizes;
  • Stairs of different sizes and shapes;
  • Rainwater collection and diversion gutters;
  • Structures suitable for active recreation (e.g. elements of skateboards/rollers’ yards, various cubes, etc.);
  • Environmental decoration elements, etc.