About us

Betoformos – produces different shape and size architectural elements for landscape. Technology, well-known in Scandinavian countries for more than 15 years, are presented now in Baltic states. We are official representatives of Danich company ScandiCurb in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. As we work together with landscape achitects, our products always get in surrounding environment very harmoniously and are functional.

BetoFormos are produced on a construction site. Technology is quite simple and requires only installation of a proper base where concrete products are planed to be produced. Although it is possible to produce concrete products on an existing hard cover (pads, asphalt).

The exceptional feature of our product is that we can produce not only straight, but also curved line concrete walls, benches, paths, clumps and other different boards. Process is much quicker compared to usual way and products are much harder because of a special concrete mix.

The range of products from BetoFormos are really wide:

  • Benches;
  • Retaining walls for slopes and separation of plot extensions;
  • Pedestrian paths;
  • Different shapes of clumps and borders for flowerbeds and rockeries;
  • Bicycle parking and storage facilities;
  • Framing of playgrounds;
  • Framing of asphalt, pads, crushed stone surfaces;
  • Framing of blind areas;
  • Rainwater collection gutters;
  • Constructions designed for active recreation (i.e. rollerscating, etc.)
  • Environment decorating elements, etc.;

At the moment we have about 60 different shapes. But according to Your requirements we can always create something special just for You and place it in Your desired place.