Around the trees

One of the major advantages of the technology used by Betoformos is that concrete-cast concrete demarcation/curb, wall or bench is not buried or concreted into the ground. Our concrete products do not require piles! We can cast concrete elements directly on the existing soil (it should have a solid surface) or directly on a stable gravel/rubble, asphalt or paving of the existing pavement. If you want a landscape element containing bench/planter and demarcation around trees in one product — Betoformos can be the most appropriate solution.

BetoFormos product cuts

In the drawing, you can see a sample of the deformation cut in all our products. We constantly form deformation cuts in our cast concrete products (more than 2.5 metres) so that the cast concrete element of landscape architecture can move along with the base underneath it. We cast in 2 galvanised steel ropes into all our concrete products as an additional fastening to the entire length of the product, so that the cast product will never tip over/slide sideways and will always stand in place as an integral element. In the process of forming the deformative notches, the product is cut in up to about 70 % of its depth, without damaging the galvanised steel ropes inside.