Benches from BetoFormos – an ideal choice for public spaces.

Benches from BetoFormos – an ideal choice for public spaces (parks, leisure spaces, stadiums, solutions for territories of private companies etc.). Take a look at the advantages of these benches and discover why it is the best solution.

Why benches from BetoFormos ideally fits public spaces?

Public spaces are place where people meet each other and spend their leisure time. The main aim of benches – to offer a comfortable rest. Our benches are very comfortable and people like to sit on them. The aim of each municipality or company is to invest money to long lasting objects. We can guarantee that our benches will serve You for ages.

The seat can be made from various raw materials: metal, wood, plastic or even rubber. Little maintenance and multifunctional – is the key for public spaces, that is one more advantage and argument why these benches ideally fit public spaces. These benches can act primarily as benches, also as clumps, as bicycle rack, as borders. Benches from BetoFormos look like decorative element of landscape, so it perfectly suits in every environment. In conclusions it can be said that benches from BetoFormos maximally meet public space expectations, are comfortable, user-friendly, decorative, exceptional, multifunctional and long lasting.

Why You should choose BetoFormos?

To choose our company it is worth for several reasons: we can produce long lasting, comfortable and great looking furniture that fits to every environment. We realize that every client has its own needs and expectations. That is why we are ready to fulfill every individual vision and to produce vision-matching product. We are the only one in Lithuania who can produce any shape of bench.